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VIAPAY is a payment tool in University College VIA University College

PLEASE NOTE: You must be a student at VIA to register and pay for many of our events. Therefore, please remember to state your VIA ID (study number).

DKK 750.00 (DKK 750.00)
DKK 750.00 (DKK 750.00)
DKK 600.00 (DKK 600.00)
DKK 75.00 (DKK 60.00)
DKK 150.00 (DKK 120.00)
DKK 75.00 (DKK 60.00)
DKK 3,500.00 (DKK 3,500.00)
DKK 300.00 (DKK 300.00)


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