A Self-Study Workbook with Answer Key

A Self-Study Workbook with Answer Key

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Self-Study Workbook with Answer Key is intended to be used together with Hjulmand and Schwarz's  Concise Contrastive Grammar of English for Danish Students, which is a systematic and pedagogical introduction to English grammar for Danish students at bachelor level.A Concise Contrastive Grammar Of English Supplement til The workbook is divided into two parts: the first part contains exercises (different from those in the 2014 Workbook), the second part an answer key. The exercises are structured in such a way that each chapter in the grammar book matches a chapter in the self-study workbook. The answer key provides answers to the exercises, and in many cases also explains why it is the correct answer.There are exercises of many different kinds. Some aim at explanation and exemplification, others at awareness-raising and recognition of particular structures. Some aim at production, e.g. translation or insertion of particular forms or structures, others at recognizing differences between English and Danish. Finally, there are a number of exercises where students can practice identifying and correcting mistakes which are typical for Danish learners of English.


Supplement til: A Concise Contrastive Grammer of English















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